[ This is Non-Canon. ]

Act 1

Chapters Timeline Dates Description
Zero Dark Thirty April 15, 2408 Staff Sergeant Orens is one of the remaining soldiers left in the 72th Battalion. Fighting in the tight streets of Algolis, Orens and the remaining soldiers were able to hold for extraction. Unfortunately, an EMP was triggered in orbit, destroying every electronic equipments and air units down. Orens and the soldiers were killed by a Nuclear blast.
Blinking and Dying November 15, 2408 16 year old X-20 Unit Recruit Lyla Sanderson regains consciousness from her crashed pelican. She barely escaped from Vaktovian Patrols and regrouped with the remaining recruits. With only a limited combat skills and luck, they were able to fend off the Vaktovian troops away from the office building. They were almost killed by a Mech as they were saved by the incoming SPS Soldiers.
Heavy Battlefield with a big boom. January 15, 2409 Operation: Strident Shot A heavyweight drop of an ODST Regiment drops down with shock into the surface of the old Colony Havens. Encountering with the Covenant Remnants, an ODST Team destroys two signal jammers, giving way for the Strident Frigates to destroy the spire towers. The ODST Team goes back to the front lines with the rest of the regiment and regrouping with the SPS Marines, the Covenant Remnant forces retreats back to the south. However, with a blowing surprise, a large Sonic Boom have destroyed the entire area. Killing the Soldiers in the field, as an unknown ship resurfaces.
Too late to stop big boom boom. January 15, 2409 At the same time during Operation: Strident Shot, Spartan Team Gray infiltrates the Covenant Base with the use of deadly arsenals. Using the Covenant's bomb to destroy the docked cruisers, the team also acquires a warning data retrieved from the Research Section of the base. They tried to warn the troops in the frontlines but failed as the Sonic Boom was triggered, killing the troops in the frontlines. Spartan Team Gray falls back to the Base's spire and prepares their last stand against the Covenant.
Rescue the Warriors of Humanity January 18, 2409 15 years old SPARTAN-059 and her fellow teammate SPARTAN-003 joins up with the Strike Team to rescue Spartan Team Gray from the mountain base of Colony Aliza. Using stealth as the enemy against the Covenant, they rescued the Spartan Team Gray but with the exception of their team leader executed to ensure the data's recovery is successful. Everything had gone loud, as the Spartans and the Strike Force holds off for evacuation. SPARTAN-059 volunteers to get left behind to ensure the evac of the soldiers and her fellow SPARTANS. Her fate is currently unknown as the Elite knocks her out.
A Truck with Technology.... February 5, 2409 Kane's right hand, Seth. Plans for an invasion attack of West South America to distract the SPS Forces. NOD Black Hand Commander Mc'voy and his troops gets ambushed by the SPS Delta Division, they succeeded on counter-attacking the SPS Forces and proceeds to move the convoy moving north. The convoy stops as the SPS Hammerhead Fighters destroyed the heavy tank. With no heavy unit left to defend the Tacitus Carrier, Kane orders Mc'voy to drive the transport himself and drive it to Kansas. Mc'voy escaped with the Tacitus, at the cost of his own men.
The prophecy be fulfilled. Feburary 19, 2409 A Nod Battalion storms the city of New York. With Kane directing orders to the unknown Commander, the Commander destroys the SAM Sites placed on the roof of every building. The Commander enters into his own dropship and protects the Second Tacitus Truck unit to reach the evac site. The dropship was shot down by the SPS and the Commander was mortally wounded before he could run back to his APC. Seconds before his death, six stories sized waves floods the entire city.